About O$A

About O$A

What’s the story behind O$A?

In the Spring of 2020, after seeing the incredible efforts of sex working communities supporting each other in the pandemic, we started our own mutual aid fund for Rhode Island based sex workers. In 2020, we redistributed over $24,000 to 54 sex workers in Rhode Island

Recipients of our stipend cited needing assistance with groceries, rent, healthcare, childcare, housing, & much more.  We have since grown to include the diverse needs of our community and hope to continue growing and evolving while maintaining our core principles of peer support, a commitment to anti-oppressive values, and community care.

O$A is a growing community-based organization of current & former sex workers in R.I.

What does O$A do?

♥ Sex Worker Mutual Aid Fund: Ocean State A$$
♥ SWer Peer Support Group
♥ Harm Reduction Advocacy: Harm_Reduxx_PVD
♥ Advocacy for the Full Decriminalization of Sex Work
♥ Support for Street Based & Houseless Sex Workers
♥ Advocacy on the Intersections of Sex Work and Housing Justice, Queer & Trans Liberation, Prision Abolition, Immigrant Rights, and more

We are an anti-racist, anti-transphobic, anti-whorephobic group accepting of all backgrounds & experiences within sex work