Harm Reduxx PVD

Harm Reduxx PVD

Safer Together: Harm Reduction in Providence, RI

Harm Reduxx PVD is a grass-roots harm reduction project that launched on New Year Eve 2019. We aim to make harm reduction supplies & practices accessible to a broader range of young people, queer & trans people, party-goers, and recreational drug users in Rhode Island.

Harm reduction is understanding and acknowledging the potential for risk & harm in our lives while benefiting from community & resources to reduce that risk. 

Harm reduction comes from communities that have been historically marginalized. Drug users, queer & trans people, Black, Indigenous & people of color, and sex workers have always been resilient through community support. We believe that together we can share tools & resources to lessen bad outcomes and keep each other safe.

Nasal Narcan
♥️ 2 nasal spray doses
♥️ instructions

Safer Crack Smoking Kits
♥️ 1 stem pipe
♥️ 1 pipe tip
♥️ alcohol prep pads
♥️ 1 baggie of chore boy
♥️ 1 wooden pusher

Fentanyl Test Kits
♥️ 2 fentanyl test strips
♥️ two aluminum cookers
♥️ 2 containers of sterile water
♥️ full-color instructions

Safer Injection Kits
♥️ 10 intravenous needles
♥️ 2 aluminum cookers
♥️ 2 containers of sterile water
♥️ 2 tourniquets
♥️ 1 baggie of cotton
♥️ alcohol prep pads
♥️ antibiotic ointment
♥️ band-aids

IM Injectable Naloxone
♥️ 2-3 doses of naloxone
♥️ 2-3 intermuscular needles
♥️ instructions

Safer Tina Smoking Kits
♥️ 1 bubble pipe
♥️ 1 pipe tip
♥️ alcohol prep pads
♥️ scooper